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IML In Mould Labels

IML In Mould Labels
for gargen and advertising

IML In Mould Labels
for reusable packaging
and crates

IML In Mould Labels
for pails

IML In Mould Labels
for street furniture

IML In Mould Labels
for industrial packaging

IML In Mould Labels
for toys

IML In Mould Labels
for household products

IML In Mould Labels
for durable goods


Is a decoration technique to protect and decorate plastic objects made by:

- injection moulding
- blow moulding
- thermoforming

A pre-printed plastic label is placed into the mould before plastic injecton (or blow moulding or thermoforming). The in mould label is made of the same material of the target object so the two parts melt together becoming one.
In mould label cannot be removed: it permanently decorates and protects the plastic object. With this technique it is possible to decorate polypropylene high and low density polyetylene, policarbonate, polystyrene, PMMA...

In mould labelling offers a wide range of advantages:

- In mould label with high resolution printing images (Offset and Flexo up to 8 colours)
- In mould labels resist to scratch, no wrinkles appear on the surface, they resist to big changes in temperature and humidity (from frozen to high temperature) . On request, in mould labels can resist to UV rays and all severe weather conditions in case of durable goods decoration.
- Shorter production cycle with an important cost and space saving: products come out from the machine already decorated and finished. Storage of blank items to be decorated or labelled is no more necessary, storage and transport costs belong to the past.
- Being the in mould label and the plastic object (bucket, cup, container…) made of the same material they can be fully recycled without any intermediate cleaning and separation process.


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